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Tyre Balancing

The process of tyre balancing is necessary when there are no heavy spots on the tyre. An out-of-balance tyre can affect ride quality, and shorten the life of tyres, bearings, shocks and other suspension components. If your steering has started to wobble above a certain speed, then your tyres are most likely unbalanced. KJ’s Auto Repairs can eliminate vibration and premature wear by correctly balancing your tyres.

Tyre Rotation

As you drive along the road, your tyre tread is rubbing off on the road surface – this is known as tyre wear. KJ’s Auto Repairs will rotate your front and back tyres to ensure that all tyres wear evenly in order to extend the length of the tyre's life on your vehicle. Most technicians recommend rotating every 6,000 to 7,500km.

Fuel injection cleaning

In a fuel injection system, the fuel is sprayed through the fuel injection nozzle into the combustion chamber. Wear or deposits in the nozzle can create streamers of liquid fuel that vaporise and burn poorly, causing hesitation, emissions and performance problems. Fuel injection cleaning removes deposits from the fuel injection nozzle and clears the way for that fine mist of fuel to come through, improving gas mileage and lowering exhaust emissions.

Transmission flush

Like the oil in your vehicle, transmission fluid can become contaminated with dirt, dust and debris. As the transmission fluid ages, viscosity breaks down and contaminants build up, leaving your vehicle's transmission vulnerable to breakdowns. We provide a complete transmission flush to smoothen shifting, improve performance, reduce component failure and increase vehicle longevity.


For maximum protection, we recommend that you use either a concentrated or ready to use ethylene glycol based coolant. Coolants must contain at least 85% ethylene glycol for a concentrated coolant or 50% ethylene glycol for a ready to use coolant. You can’t tell the quality of the coolant simply by looking at it, so call our mechanical repairs experts for advice on leading coolant brands.

Log book servicing

Front wheel alignments, tyre sales, rotation and wheel balancing, steering and suspension system repairs, complete brake services, shock replacement and upgrades, brake fluid and coolant flushes are all included in our log book servicing, along with a whole host of other things. Call us in Toowoomba to find out more.

Major under-body maintenance

As part of our major under-body maintenance services, we check for:

  • Dents or damage to the underseal
  • A complete and undamaged exhaust system
  • Oil leaks from the differential, transmission and shock absorbers
  • Good working suspension components

Manual and auto gear box servicing

Transmission oil and filters must be changed strictly as per manufacturer schedule, and seals should be checked for leaks. The transmission oil level should always read full on the dipstick level, as loss of automatic transmission oil is always caused by leaks. If you have to replenish this fluid it is best to get it checked out as soon as possible by KJ’s Auto Repairs. When not regularly maintained, you risk serious failure, which may require a rebuild costing thousands of dollars.

Brake Repairs

You should get your brakes inspected at the first sign of:

  • A decline in braking performance
  • When the warning light illuminates on your dash
  • If your brakes start to make noises you haven't heard before
  • The brake fluid level requires frequent topping off
  • Every 5,000 to 10,000 km or when you rotate your tyres
  • An undesirable growling sensation is felt when braking
  • The vehicle surging, pulsating or pulling when braking


You should suspect a steering or suspension part problem when your vehicle:

  • The steering seems loose, sloppy or even binding
  • Doesn't ride as nice at it used to
  • Seems to bottom out frequently at dips, speed bumps or driveways
  • Shakes or shimmies at high speeds or maybe even low speeds
  • The alignment was checked but you are still getting uneven tyre wear
  • New noises are heard when turning or going over bumps


All parts purchased from KJ’s Auto Repairs are supplied through local outlets and carry full manufacturer warranty and validation of new car warranty. We have an extensive range available, suitable for all types of vehicle makes and models, so call us or drop by to our workshop in Toowoomba for a free quote.

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